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10 Weird Things Found In Blocked Drains

Drains are designed to manage the exit point of waste water or surplus liquids in houses and in business establishments. These piped systems helps waste waters from kitchen sinks, bath drains, shower, toilet and storm water drains go to the public sewer before being re-circulated.

But sometimes as human beings that we are (born to make mistakes), we tend to do the shortcut in disposing our solid wastes down the drain instead of putting it in to the rubbish bins. Then we forget about the negative effect of our actions. Sometimes, things just happens accidentally and problems occur that is caused by carelessness or just plain misfortune that is totally out of our control.

In the list that you are about to see are things that are not common culprits in drain blockages but rather WEIRD or unusual. Toilet papers, wet wipes, toothbrushes, bottle caps, foods and oil are just too mainstream. So without further ado, here are 10 really weird things found in blocked drains.

  1. Wedding/Engagement Rings

Taking the ring off before hitting the shower is a routine most us do but a bit of misfortune to it, some rings are just too good in getting drained down to the basin where it is being placed after taking it off. Or to the nearby toilet that is just too slippery for the ring to sit in to.

  1. Prison Pants

A prisoner once flushed down his pants down the toilet drain (not sure how he did it). Prison plumbers were called in to action and found a pair pants as the source of the blockage. The worst part was, he (prisoner) was just 4 days shy from his freedom until the pants blockage happened. He pleaded no contest and was added 30 more days behind bars.

  1. Crocodile

Just like in the picture, it is what you think it is.

  1. GI Joe / Barbie Doll Toy

Toys are common but some kids are just too experimental. When asked why those Joes and Dolls end up in the drains, simple. They just thought of testing them if the Joes & dolls really can swim.

  1. Gatorade Bottle

It’s still a mystery why in the world a bottle that big end up in the drains. It’s becoming common and getting weirder hearing these types of drain blockage stories.

  1. Underpants

This is a true definition of “worse case scenario”. In the absence of toilet paper, wet wipes or water. These things really have to go.

  1. Mobile Phones

Some people have their own way of disposing old phones. This is not something new though but it still continues to baffle plumbers why these phones are drained down the pipes.

  1. Cat litter

Good grooming with pets is never a negative scenario but doing shortcuts in disposing Cat litter can cause severe damages to your home. Because they just don’t simply dissolve. Instead, it tends to clump together and form in to one solid object that cause drain blockage.

  1. A Pig

Yes. A live pig was rescued after he found his way to a private company sewerage system. The pig got caught amongst the debris and was stuck in the sewer. The pig then got adopted as company pet.

  1. Motorised Bike – Complete With Parts

From chassis, front and back wheel, chain, muffler and even the motor machine are all intact when this bike was found in a sewer. A real “Dirt Bike” indeed. The picture alone is too hilarious and is worthy enough to end this list.