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4 Hassle-free Tips to Avoid a Blocked Kitchen Sink

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In most cases, it would be better to do some preventative actions than to have some repairs. Repairing could be time consuming and expensive at the same time. Most home owners would most probably experience some blockages in their kitchen sink. However, you must not worry much about this if you will follow some tips on how to keep your kitchen sink from being blocked. Here are some tips to avoid a blocked kitchen sink.

1. Clean your sink regularly

One easy and most common way to avoid your sink from any blockages is by simply cleaning it regularly. You must make it a habit to clean your sink after every use. Wash it with a mild dish soap the flush it with hot water. Through this, the food particles will run down into your drain. Some might recommend you to use chemicals or bleach as a cleaning solution but these materials are harmful and not effective. You must keep chemical-based solutions away from your kitchen. Installing a drain stopper can also help you in cleaning the sink. Close the stopper once a week then fill it with water but do not let it overflow. Afterwards, release the stopper so the force of water can flush anything that got stuck in your sink pipes.

2. Monitor the items that go down your drains

You must be careful of the things the goes down your drain. There are several items that must not be thrown in your sink as it can cause blockages in your sink. Examples of these food items are egg shell, coffee grounds, pasta, fatty substances, etc. You probably might think that grease and oil can’t block your drain as it is in a liquid form. But, these substances can harden and stick to the interior walls of your pipes. Once you continuously wash these substances in your sink then the flow of water might be blocked. It would be better to just throw these materials in the trash bin to avoid your sink from being blocked. Never treat your drains as a trash can.

3. Use drain screens

Installing drains screens in your kitchen sink can also do the job. Drain screens are essential in your sink and drains as it has the ability to prevent clog culprits from entering your drains such as food particles and other gunk. The drain screen catches the food particles and other items. Thus, you need to clean it regularly every time you use it.

4. Avoid using harsh chemicals

To keep your kitchen sink in a good condition and to extend its service lifespan, you have to stop using chemical-based cleaners. Instead of using chemicals, might as well use green cleaners as they are efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly. These green cleaners include baking soda and vinegar. These products won’t be hazardous to your sink and you can easily find this in your kitchen. The mixture of the two ingredients eventually has the ability to get rid of the blockages. It can also freshen up your drains.