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5 Reasons why your Toilet is clogged

plumberchatswood 5 Reasons why your Toilet is clogged

A clogged toilet often happens in many households. Chances are; you’ve already had to deal with this plumbing issue. Unclogging the toilet can be done with the use of a plunger or a more powerful too like an electric auger. If you’re able to know the reasons why your toilet is clogged then you will learn how to stop it from happening again.

1. Flushing too much toilet paper

A biodegradable toilet paper can actually be flushed in the toilet. The problem is that draining down numerous toilet papers can cause clogging. Toilet paper doesn’t immediately decompose so it will stick into the toilet’s pipe linings. You should only flush small amounts of toilet paper to avoid clogging the toilet.

2. Flushing items that can clog the drains over time

Some people often see a toilet as a convenient garbage can in the comfort room so they just flush down anything. This is actually the most common cause of clogged toilets in homes. You need to avoid flushing objects like wipes, hygiene items, cigarette butts, hair, etc. The only things you need to flush are human wastes and a few toilet papers. It’s easy to assume that as long as an item can be flushed down then you won’t have to worry about it. You need to be aware that these objects can get stuck and accumulate the drain pipes – causing clogs.

3. There are roots in the sewer line

The toilet has the closest connection to the sewer line of your premises. Whatever you flush in the toilet will go directly into the sewer. If there are problems your sewer line is having then it will most likely affect your toilet. A tree root invasion in a sewer line will definitely cause problems in your toilet. Large roots can block the sewer pipes and will cause a sewer line backup. The worse that could happen would be the roots completely blocking the sewer mainline. This will make it impossible to expel the toilet wastes outside your household’s plumbing.

4. Children might have flushed toys and other objects into the toilet

If you have a kids, you might not have the all the time to supervise them all day. They might have flushed their toys, school supplies, or even food without you knowing.

5. Problems with the installation of the toilet

Sometimes it’s not what you flush that’s causing the clog but the toilet itself. Problems with the initial installation of the toilet can actually cause the clogs. It could be that the diameter of the drain pipes is too small; making it difficult to flush down wastes. Another possibility would be that there isn’t enough venting. Venting is essential since it allows air to push the water into the drains. If you suspect that the toilets is the cause of the problem then have it inspected. While you’re at it, let the plumber also check the toilet pipes for a more thorough examination.