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6 Easy Ways to Unblock Drains

Every homeowner in Sydney should have the ability to unclog drains in few hours. Some tips and patience are what you’ve got to make this into reality. Here are 6 sewer and drain cleaning measures you may consider to ensure you can get rid of a clog of any type.

1.Drain is Not Too Clogged – There is a homemade concoction available for kitchen drains with moderate congestion. Just pour a half cup of baking soda into your drain followed by the same amount of white vinegar. Allow the chemicals to mix in the sink for about three hours before pouring a boiling hot water. Do this on a weekly basis to prevent your drains from clogs and pungent odour.

2.Drain Clog is Bigger – Perform the more advanced drain and sewer cleaning solutions for bigger drainage blockages. Remove and properly clean the p-trap to unclog the drain. Place a bucket below the trap to catch any debris or water coming out while removing it. Unscrew the metal slip nuts half turn with a wrench to loosen them then unscrew the trap. Remove all items causing the blockage in your trap and then reassemble it to avoid additional costs from pipe lining repair.

3.Plunging Method – Unlike any other drain and sewer cleaning methods, a plunger can unstop drain clogs. Remove the stopper in your drain for wider opening to work on proper suction. Put the plunger over your drain, push down then pull it a number of times. The water will empty out your sink, which indicates clog removal.

4.Clogged Toilet – Use a force ball-type plunger, which inflicts more pressure for unclogging than suctioning cup plungers, to unclog your toilet. You may either add or remove water from the toilet bowl to clear the blockage. Some water may have to be removed when the toilet is overflowing. Additional water would be required when there is enough water in your bowl so that the plunger will work correctly. Push the plunger up and down vigorously and flush. Repeat this procedure many times until the clog has been removed.

5.Unclog the Bathroom Sink – Unblock your bathroom sink using a hanger and a paperclip. Remove debris found at the top of your pipe with a paperclip then run hot water down your sink. If your drain is still having clog, use a straightened coat hanger to get the clog out of your drain.

6.Stopped Up Bathtub Solution – Drain snake is referred to as the best way in unclogging your bathtub drain. Feed approximately three feet of the snake down through the opening of the overflow plate to remove the clog. You will feel resistance as you work on the snake, but turning motion will help you move the head through. Hook the snake onto the blockage then remove it or the snake to break up the clog.

After trying all of these and your drains are still blocked, it would be best to call a trustworthy plumber near you for assistance.