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Stop Choking Your Drains! – 3 Easy Ways to Prevent Drain Clogs

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One of the common and unsurprising plumbing issues homeowners encounter include blocked drains. There are convenient quick-fixing tools available in commercial stores to solve such problems such as plungers and augers. You can also create homemade drain cleaners, such as the baking soda and vinegar mixture.

The DIY solutions mentioned above can easily solve minor clogs. However, they are unable to permanently get rid of serious clogging issues. Hence, the paramount importance of drain clog prevention is evident. Read on to know the 3 easy ways in fending off clog formations in your household drains.

1. Install a strainer in your sink or place a garbage disposal unit

Food scraps are one of the primary culprits of clogged drains. Homeowners who habitually flush down huge amounts of leftovers will cause to plumbing detriments in the long run since the food items will get lodged in the drain pipes.

To help you thwart off drain clogs brought by solid food wastes, you can install a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen sink. This machine will make sure only small residual scraps will enter your drain since it consists of blades that will cut down large food chunks into smaller pieces.

Just like all the other appliances and fixtures, you would obviously have to maintain a garbage disposal unit. There are cases in which the machine may get impaired since some food residues accumulate and get lodged on its mechanical parts.

Another easy way to prevent the food scraps from clogging your drains is by placing a strainer in your drain hole. It also filters your food items and makes sure only the water goes through the drain hole.

2. Hot Water Drain Maintenance

Hot water is used, and not cold water because it the former is capable of removing grease and oils that have congealed in the drain pipeline. Although the strainer and garbage disposal are capable in managing your solid wastes and allowing only the liquids to wash down the drain, they still permit the grease and oils in liquid form to enter your drain. Since the substances mentioned are culprits of drain clog formations, it is important to cease the grease and stop flushing down oily substances down the drains.

This warning may have been too late for some homeowners and they have already flushed down greasy liquids. This is where the hot water maintenance comes in. Also, you should prevent pouring boiling water directly since it can be damaging to your garbage disposal unit.

3. Place a Hair Catcher in Your Bathroom Drains

It is not only the kitchen sink drains that are vulnerable to drain clogs. Bathroom floor drains can also get congested due to soap reside and scum. Aside from those two, it is the hair that is certainly a prevalent clogging factor. Even if a single strand of hair is deemed harmless, if you will combine the clumps of hair that have accumulated in your pipes for a long period of time, you will see its obstructive properties.

You can install a hair catcher in your bathroom drains to help you collect your fallen hair strands. Do not forget to clean the apparatus once in a while since it may also gather some soap scum, dirt, and other debris.