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3 Common Plumbing Problems at Home

plumberchatswood plumingMost of us have essential plumbing tools in case plumbing emergencies occur. Typically, these plumbing emergencies can be easily repaired as only needs some plunger or a little bit of cleaning. It only requires a nominal effort and does not take long to do so. Also, expensive plumbing services are being avoided. Here are the 3 frequent plumbing problems that occur in each home:

  • Running toilet

If you constantly have to jiggle down your toilet after flushing and you are tired of doing it, then it must be perfect to replace your toilet’s inner components. Typically, the reason why most of our toilets run is because of the flapper valve that doesn’t fit anymore. When that happens, either the fill tube loosens up or the float becomes imbalance that causes your toilets run.

Even after replacing all the components that need to be replaced and the problem is still present, there must be sediments that affect your toilet from filling and flushing. If your water bill just increased unexpectedly, that gives you a hint that there is a silent leak that needs to be fixed. To uncover the location of the leak, try to put a food colouring within the upper tank and after several minutes, find for tinged water and repair the location where it came from.

  • Low water pressure

When there is a low water pressure in your home, one thing that most homeowners assume is that there is a faulty pipe, however, most of the time, this is due to your municipal water provider. It is a rare problem, however, there are problems in your municipal water line. For instance, the main line is having problems that result in the reduction of the water pressure. Furthermore, the most common factor that precipitates to this problems sediment build-up in your tap aerators. Water that is flowing into your pipe system contains minerals that cling to metal surfaces. Professionals commonly recommend installing a filtration system that wind up the deposits. It would be complicated you don’t do such thing for the deposits might gather in your fixtures that usually results to a low water pressure within your household.

  • Dripping faucets

If you have fallen asleep with a dripping tap in your bathroom sink and woke up the next morning with so much water in your bathroom or have tried fighting against your kitchen tap that burst and water is flowing uncontrollably, unfortunately, you know how your day will turn out.
This dilemma causes your water consumption to elevate unexpectedly, thus, this problem has to be fixed right away.

The water that penetrates to your home is beneath water pressure in order to run through pipes. Silicone or rubber-based washer will create a tight seal that averts liquid from forcing its passage through your pipes and outside your water taps when you try to turn it off. After some time, your washer will likely to be dislodged and stiffen that lets droplets of water flow out.