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4 Frequent Plumbing Disasters and their Corresponding Counteractions

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There are different plumbing emergencies that plumbers have to respond and address immediately, or else, the affected homeowners will suffer from prolonged inconvenience and the existing problem will progress to a bigger complication. Actually, some plumbing disasters just begin as minor issues but they just escalate into a full-blown plumbing emergency. Most homeowners are clueless as to how to deal with such plumbing issues since they lack the necessary tools to fix the damaged fixture or they are just simple unaware on what should be done. Read on to know more about the usual plumbing disasters homeowners may encounter and what their respective counteractions are.

Burst pipes

The cold spell does not only affect your environment and temperature, it may also trigger some plumbing disasters to occur in your home. Pipe bursts occur when your pipes are not properly insulated but exposed to the extreme cold temperatures, especially during winter. Burst pipes may range from just a constant water leak from a busted pipe or it can be an extensive water burst. Let us focus on the extensive water bursts since they cause more damage and significantly induce panic to the homeowners.

The first thing you should do is in case of burst pipes are to go to the place where your main water supply is positioned, and shut down the valve. In doing so, you will stop the water going through your household pipes and will also reduce the water leaking from the burst pipe. Afterwards, call the nearest and reputable plumber to handle your plumbing emergency.

Gas line leak

Shut down the main gas line, along with the other appliances in close proximity to the gas line leak. There are also other precautions to be taken so as to avoid terrible explosions.

Evacuate your home immediately if gas leaks are suspected (more like, smelled). This is to prioritise your health and safety. Bear in mind that gas leaks are highly poisonous if you are exposed to the chemicals leached into the air. Call the gas services immediately to inspect and repair your gas line promptly. If you or one of your family members feel unwell and show signs of monoxide poisoning such as nausea and loss of consciousness, go to the hospital immediately for medical assistance. There are gas appliances that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and even explosions when they are affected with severe gas leaks. Only professional gas safety providers should check and repair your gas lines to ensure your safety.

Sewer backups

Sewer backups are one of the cumbersome issues brought by serious clogs that affected your sewer main line. DIY solutions do not encompass addressing sewer line problems so you have to contact professional plumbing services immediately to solve your problem. These professionals have the skills and equipments needed to ensure an efficient and effective sewer line repair without the hazards of sewage spills.

There are chemical cleaners sold in the market endorsed as quick fixes for sewer clogs. However, the small concentration of these chemicals are deemed ineffective, especially when the pipes has broken or collapsed pipe sections and are accumulated with sludge, soil, and other debris.

If your sewer pipes are already reduced to a crumbling state due to heavy damage, you either need to have them rehabilitated or repaired. Have your plumber assess the damage and give you advice on what repair options are best for you.

Toilet overflow

Most standard toilets consist of a shut off valve on their bottom parts. This valve enables you to reduce the amount of water discharged from the commode. Try to place some water absorbent towels to minimise the flooding in your bathroom.

Toilet overflows and even sewer backups may be dismissed as malfunctioning toilet components or drain line issues but they could also be caused by sewer line problems. In order to accurately trace and detect the root of the problem, seek the help of a professional plumber.