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5 Primary Causes of Burst Pipes

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Pipe bursting might be happening in many households and experienced by many homeowners. One may just notice a sudden water splash somewhere within their homes and soon discover it to be a bursting water pipe. Definitely, water will be pooling over the floor and your basement bounds frustrating you without even knowing why it happened.  When you don’t attend to these problems immediately or hand over quick remedies, it might flood your home in no time.

Here is an article to show you the primary possible reasons why you experience burst pipes.

  • Excessively high water pressure

A safe and lower water pressure should be maintained in every household to ensure the safety of your water pipes and piping system. Excessively high water pressure will cause too much stress to your water pipes that may sometimes cause hammering. This adds up to the stress you pipes would experience and when they do, it will reduce their service life span. When your water pipes can no longer take the stress and burden high water pressure gives, it tends to burst and let the water escape. Another reason why water pressures are dragged higher and higher is the sediment build up within your pipes interior. When build-ups continue to accumulate your water pipes, it lessens the diameter of the water pipe. Science has explained that when a pipe’s diameter decreases, the velocity of the water it carries increases. This results in an increase in water pressure.

  • Frozen pipes

This commonly happens on areas experiencing very cold seasons with a temperature below 0oC. When homeowners do not insulate their outdoor pipes and do not drain the remaining water in it, this water content would freeze. As it freezes, it expands causing the pipe to adjust to its expansion. Sometimes, the pipe cannot handle the enlargement the water does causing it to burst. Always insulate your pipes when winter comes, remove your outdoor hose and keep them to avoid freezing and destroying them. Always ready your plumbing system for the incoming winter season.

  • Corrosion

Most corrosion activities happen within your water pipes usually because of the characteristics of the water it carries such as non-potable water. Most of the metal pipes such as steel and copper are vulnerable to corrosion. That is why most homeowners can’t figure them out and are always left unnoticed. When corrosion continues, it weakens and deteriorates your water pipes making it unable to handle the water pressure, thus leading to them to burst.

  • Collapsed pipes

Environmental conditions tend to change time after time. And this causes our environment to react to it differently. Some of these conditions would elevate the weight of the soil above your buried water pipes and water systems. When the soil above it continues to get heavier and heavier, it would cause too much burden and load to your pipes. When the pipe can no longer handle its weight, it would cause it to burst and collapse.

  • Tree root intrusion

Tree root intrusion does not only burst your buried water pipes, most of the time, it completely destroys them. When they have infiltrated within your pipes, they would settle inside it to gain enough water supply it needs to support itself.