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5 Things Not to Do With Your Pipes

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Pipes carry water into your home and away from it. They are just like our veins and arteries that carry blood and other necessary nutrients that keep us alive. In this case, they make your home more lively and valuable. They are the reasons your household chores are made possible. This reason heightened the need to care of your pipes. Try your best to get rid of any problem by knowing all the things that may destroy them, so you can avoid it. Here are some things you should avoid doing in your pipelines.

1. Bleach pouring

Many people keep pouring down bleach into their drains with the thought that it will remove all gunk build-ups that has been there over the past years. Well, that idea is very wrong. In this case, you will endanger you pipes’ lives so you better cease the action. When bleach reacts with the particles built up inside your pipes, it may somehow create fumes and eventually seal your system.

2. Grease disposal

When you do have concern to your plumbing system, cease the constant draining of fatty substances. When this builds up in your pipe’s interior walls, it will hinder sewage from passing thus, causing sewage backups and overflows and i bet you wouldn’t want to let it happen as a homeowner.

3. Forcefully thawing pipes

In is unavoidable to have frozen pipe especially on very cold seasons. Forcibly thawing them may cause bigger damage adding up your plights and expenses. The use of propane torch is never advisable to quickly thaw a frozen pipe for its heat may melt the pipe. Aside from that, a combustible material nearby may be ignited causing it to cause fire.

4. Draining down food scraps

Some food leftovers may be disposed in your drain with the help of a garbage disposal, but when you don’t have a garbage disposal unit, never drain them down. This includes bones, fruit seeds and peels as well as well coffee granules. They may get stuck in your pipes inviting more particles until they successfully clog your pipe. If your pipe is partially blocked, it slows down the draining process as well as its effectiveness the way it raises the water pressure within the pipe. When water pressure is constantly high, it stresses the pipes making it more laborious and reduces its service life span at the same time.

5. Chemical draining

Chemicals should never be drained down in your system, because when it may corrode your pipes. Thus, when pipes are corroded, there is a greater possibility for future leaks and bursts because corroded pipes are usually weaker than it used to be. Soon, they can no longer stand the water pressure causing it to create a way for water to escape, which is leaks and bursts.

When you drain chemicals down your drain, it will lead them to bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and seas which will be the main cause of the destruction of many marine species.