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9 Different Types of Plumbing Wrenches

plumberchatswood wrenchesA plumbing kit won’t be complete without the presence of the different types of wrenches. Wrenches portray an essential role in the part of the plumbers in installation and repairs. It comes in various types which operate differently. They come in different sizes, shapes and different capabilities. Listed below are the different types of plumbing wrenches that are used by plumbers in getting things done.

1. Open-ended Wrench

This type of wrench is used for nuts and bolts which are hard to reach and access. It is called as an open-ended wrench as it has two u-shaped open ends that basically come in various sizes and measurements.

2. Box-ended Wrench

This is used as a substitute to the open-ended wrench as it does not always fit on all types of nuts and bolts. Nuts and bolts also come in different shapes such as hexagonal or square shape. Box-ended wrenches are suited to this kind of nuts as it has a loop on both ends which come in different sizes. This type of wrench avoids in destroying the hexagonal and square shape of the nuts and bolts.

3. Combination Wrench

From the name itself ‘combination’, it is the combination of an open-ended and box-ended wrench. It is made of a u-shaped open end and a loop or box end. The open end is necessary for the unfinished loose nut or bolt while the loop end is used for loosening the bolt without destructing the fastener.

4. Adjustable Wrench

Most wrenches can only be used to loosen one to two knots which have same sizes at the end. This type of wrench can loosen any size of knots since the open-end of this wrench has no fixed size. The opening of this wrench can be adjusted to loosen various knot sizes.

5. Allen Wrench

This type of wrench works just like screwdrivers. It has two different types which are the L-shaped and the T-shaped. Allen wrench has a hexagonal end which is used to operate the hexagonal shaped nuts.

6. Line Wrench

This is best suited for softer metals. It lies between a box-ended wrench and open-ended wrench as this too has an open end. Unlike open-ended wrench, it has an opening which is wide enough for a nut head.

7. Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench has a saw-like jaw which is part of the adjustable wrenches family. It is mainly used for plumbing procedures due to its saw-like jaw. The saw teeth in this wrench tighten and assure a firm hold onto pipes and other plumbing materials.

8. Fire-hydrant Wrench

The fire-hydrant wrench is basically used for pentagonal nuts and bolts and it is specifically made to loosen fire hydrants valves as the valves are pentagonal in shape.

9. Plumber Wrench

This type of wrench also belongs to the adjustable wrench family. It is quite similar to a pipe wrench and is also used for pipes. From the name itself, this type of plumbing wrench is purposely and commonly used by most plumbers in their plumbing activities such as plumbing installations and repairs.