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CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV drain inspection is a modern technique of examining pipes and drains without the need to dig them up. This technology presents a high-quality image which can be recorded in the same way as the domestic video devices. They can be used to spot the faults within a drain, or the buildup of dirt, debris or sludge that requires cleaning out. It is important that you hire the services of a professional who can handle drain surveys. You can have the damage assessed using CCTV and the cost of repairs estimated. It is very important to carry out a drain survey before beginning building renovations or constructing a new building.

The equipment for carrying out CCTV drain surveys is utilized for making drain surveys. Professionals make a detailed and accurate inspection of the drainage system devoid of using manual power for this unit. The device used for CCTV drain surveys comes in diverse types and sizes so as to deal with the various commercial, industrial or domestic complexities. The need to have the existing conditions disrupted is avoided with the CCTV equipment use. A CCTV camera is introduced into the drain via a manhole or soil pipe during the survey. This camera is either guided manually through the drain or guided using power.

The CCTV monitor is placed on the ground-level records live information and the information is transmitted via the camera. It’s possible for the professionals in this field to detect any issue at certain spots which could present a problem. This can be viewed live since the camera relays a video of the real scene. It is possible to identify any defect which may lie in any of the inlets, outlets or running along the main drain pipes with this technique. The information can be recorded in any digital format so as to be viewed. The VHS, CD or DVD recording is also utilized to view the drainage plan.