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How to Fend off Plumbing Emergencies While You’re Away from Home

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Vacations and travel escapades give you excitement and thrill. However, do not let your over-eagerness deter you from keeping your home safe and protected. It is of paramount importance to prioritise the upkeep and inspection of your plumbing fixtures and household systems and appliances to fend off future problems that may escalate while you are away from home. Shield your home from sneaky plumbing ills by following the proactive measures below while you are taking a vacation or a weekend getaway.

  • Have someone check or guard your home from time to time

Have a friend or a trusted neighbour check on your home while you are away. Make sure to brief them about your house installations especially where your main water valve is located. Supposing there are complications that arise which need the cutting down of water supply, it will be easy for them to do so. You should know that most plumbing emergencies involve the shutting down of the main water valve so as to lessen the damage, hence, be extra wary on this.

  • Shut down your main water shutoff valve

The best proactive measure to safeguard your home from pipe bursts and leaks is to shut down the main water shutoff valve. Since this device functions as the outlet of water inflow, you can at least minimise the incoming water damage in the event of pipe bursts or leaks by turning this off. If you are not familiar with the location of your main water shutoff valve, you may consult your plumber or water supply provider to assist you. Actually, leaving it to professionals has its advantageous edge: this can reduce the risk of interfering and altering the integral components of your system that may cause detriments to your household plumbing.

  •  Turn of your water heating systems and make sure they have no existing damage

You should not only confine your proactive maintenance to the visible plumbing fixtures in your home. You also need to include your appliances such as your water heaters since they plumbing emergences may also arise from them.

It is sensible to turn off your water heaters while you are away from home since nobody will be using the heated water anyway. It will just be a waste of energy consumption. However, it is essential to have you hot water system checked so that there will be a careful detection of issues that may have affected the device. It is best to have your unit serviced before you leave so that the existing issues will not progress to major ones, making the unit completely inoperative by the time you return.

  • Winterise your home through proper insulations

For residences that thrive in cold climate, their plumbing systems are susceptible to freezing temperatures. Once a pipe freezes, it can be vulnerable to bursting. The best way to safeguard your pipes from the cold spell is to cover them with insulation blankets. You can also leave your home’s heating system on so that you will protect your appliances from freezing. However, make sure to have your heating system checked and serviced before you leave to avoid problems associated with it.