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A Buyer’s Guide to Bathtub Taps

Choosing bathtub taps used to be an uninteresting activity due to the limited choices available. However, with so many options available these days, like ceiling-mounted spouts, the search for a tap will require more time and effort from you. To avoid consuming so much time in choosing a tap for your bathtub, follow these tips given below.


Floor-Mount Taps

These types of taps are intended for free-standing tubs, like claw foot tubs. This type of tap emerges from the floor with pipes exposed. It may rise above the rim of the tub to bring water inside, or it can come through holes drilled in the tub. If you are fine with pipes sticking out, then you can buy one of these taps.

Deck-Mount Taps

These taps are meant to be set up on the deck or a flat surface by the tub. If you want to have this kind of tap installed for you by a skilled and licensed plumber Chatswood, make sure to decide if you would like two handles (to control the flow of hot and cold water) or one handle placed along with the tap. Choose to have a single handle installed by your tub if kids or elderly will also be using that bathroom.


Wall-Mount Taps

If your bath also doubles as your shower area or if the tub is set against a wall in your bathroom, this option is a great choice for you. This allows you to save space without compromising on style.


Quality is Essential in the Selection Process

Buying a high-quality product is very important if you want to avoid inconvenience while using the tub. Find taps with all of its parts made of brass instead of those plated with either chrome or brass. Also, remember to choose taps that have high flow rates and have a ¾ inch supply line so you do not have to wait for a long time before the tub gets filled with water. Thus, avoid buying and using kitchen taps for the tub.


The Style Question

Although function matters more in the selection process, style is important if you are expecting the value of your home to increase after this home improvement project.



Taps are available in different finishes nowadays, ranging from polished chrome to brushed nickel. With this fact, remember that finishes and shades that are more exotic might not have the same warranty with more traditional finishes. Remember to keep the entire bathroom in mind, as you will want to coordinate all the hardware in your bathroom.


An Alternative: A Hand-held Shower Head

A hand-held shower head is a great alternative to bathtub taps. This is because it not only washes your stress away, it also rinses off any shampoo or soap left on your body.


Lastly, the Price

Make sure to choose a reasonably-priced bathtub tap. This way, you save some money, which