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Gas Hot Water Heaters

At present, gas hot water heater is a common product used in home and offices. There are several advantages of using gas hot water heaters. Low cost of production is a main advantage of using a gas type heating product. It is an ideal choice for all people who wish to save their money. Generally, two types of fuels are mainly used for its working purpose. LPG gas and reticulated gas or natural gas are two main gas types used for the working of water heaters.


Classifications: Basically, water heaters are divided into two main types namely instantaneous and storage. They are as follows:


Storage type water heaters : Storage type heaters generally makes use of a tank for storage. It works by igniting the main burner of heating apparatus in case of need. Transfer of heat from gas burner to the whole tank occurs at the bottom of tank. Hot water after heating is drawn out of the tank. This water is then replaced with cold water in tank. Settings of temperature is done with the help of an adjustable thermostat. Generally, presence of cold water gives warning to the thermostat placed inside tank. This function will then start the heating process inside tank. Enameled steel is the common material used for the production of gas type water heaters.


Instantaneous type water heaters: Unlike storage type water heaters, instantaneous type water heaters do not have a storage tank for its working function. It heats water as per the requirements of user. Water is getting heated up as it pass through the coiled pipe. Heating process of this gas type water heater generally starts when the pipe is turned on. Low cost for hot water production is a main advantage of using this heater. Lack of storage tank in heater can help the user to save both energy and money.