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The Right Way of Preventing Water Hammer

Water hammer, also called hydrostatic shock, happens when a plumbing control device, like a valve, closes all of a sudden, causing the column of water in a pipe to stop suddenly. The resulting shock causes the pipe to move, and this, in turn, causes a noise somewhere in the plumbing system. That thump could be a pipe that has hit a wall or another pipe. If taken for granted, this problem can cause plumbing to fail. Good thing, however, that this problem can be prevented, and here are the ways to prevent water hammer from happening to your plumbing.

1. Hire a plumber to set up a large supply line that leads into your home so water entering it can flow at a rate exceeding five feet per second. This is considered the most effective way to prevent water hammer, as a large pipe can handle excess water in case taps are suddenly switched off.

2. Strap and mount pipes properly so that they do not move. Pipes that move often are not installed properly.

3. An air chamber also needs to be installed in your plumbing to permit the escape of pressure. An air chamber must be made of a gauge pipe that is bigger than the water supply pipes and needs to have a cap that can be removed so any deposits and scale build-up can be cleaned out if needed.

4. Water hammer arrestors should be positioned using male screw fittings in exposed areas around the plumbing system of your property. These can seize and it is better and easier to remove and screw in a replacement instead of soldering these into place.

5. Drain the plumbing system of water every three years to release any excess or stored water as well as any accumulated debris.

Other things you need to know:
* You should only hire a plumber who is licensed, insured, well-equipped, and has great credentials.
* The plumbing system of your home should only be made of superior-grade materials.
* Hire a plumber to check all pipes and fixtures each year and remind you of the right way to take care of your plumbing.
* The solutions mentioned above need not be used or done together.

Like other plumbing problems such as a leaking tap, pipe, or shower head, water hammer causes inconvenience to people in the affected property. Thus, you should do everything you can to prevent it from happening.