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4 Ways to Prevent Sewer Line Clogs

plumberchatswood problem in sewer pipe

A sewer line clog is a wearisome problem dealt by homeowners. This is no minor plumbing dilemma that can be solved by misguided DIY confidence coupled with a plunger or any handy plumbing tool. Sewer problems are often more complex that need the expert knowledge and solution of professional plumbers in order to revive your system back to its optimum performance. Prevention against sewer line clogs should not be leniently transgressed. This should paramount the household maintenance too so that you will greatly reduce your chances of being burdened by sewer clogs.

  1. Cleaning Maintenance

Sewer pipes will eventually accumulate solids of waste and debris that can obstruct the passageways if not cleared immediately. Essentially, this makes routine cleaning of primary significance. Sewer pipe cleaning can extremely be inconvenient without the necessary plumbing tools and machineries needed. Hence, it is advisable to call a plumber rather than rely on DIY methods, which will be ineffective in the long run. Plumbing technicians often use a rooter equipment to clear off the sewer lining from its blockages. In some instances, the path is cleaned off through a hydro jet. Through its powerful water pressure, massive blockages can be loosened and cleared off.

  1. Cease the Grease

Colossal clogs like the nightmarish fatbergs found in the sewer lines are significantly caused by the accumulated grease and fats thrown down the drains. Some homeowners do not hesitate to flush down oily substances without even considering that they may congeal within the pipes and eventually clog the system.

To avoid these terrible clogs, do not discard fats and large food residues into the drains. There are cooking substances such as grease, lard and butter that should belong in the trashcan rather than your drain. Some starchy and fibrous items such as pasta, rice, fruit rinds and peels should also be boycotted from your drainage since they can also impede your drains from its proper functioning.

  1. Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners that are sold widespread in the market are considered as quick-fixes for clogs. They are convenient to use, just pour them into the drain and you will assume your problems are solved. However, this is not the real case. These chemical drain cleaners contain toxic substances that are corrosive to your pipes. They also trigger an ecological imbalance in your sewer system since it indiscriminately kills the bacteria responsible for decomposition. Do not be misled anymore and stop buying these products. Opt for an environment-friendly solution.

  1. Reinforce the Structural Strength of Your Pipes

There are cases where the clog originates from the sewer pipe itself, rather than other external factors. Deteriorated sewer pipes may have ruptured parts that will create obstructions in the passages of your pipes. Tree roots may also have infiltrated your underground plumbing too causing a great damage to your pipe lining.

The trenchless pipe repair method is a great way to boost the structural strength of your pipe. Additionally, this procedure initially clears your pipes from the existing blockages within. Nevertheless, if the pipe is extremely damaged beyond repair, then pipe replacement is necessary.

If you suspect that your sewer pipes are damaged, do not ignore this to prevent the problem from progressing to a large-scale damage. Seek professional plumbing services immediately to have your site assessed for confirmation and advice on what repair jobs must be made.