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6 Benefits of Pipe Bursting Method

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Pipe bursting is the process where you’ll have to literally burst a pipeline or a section at least. However, this is only applicable to pipes that are rotten, severely damaged, and pipes that are timeworn and in a bad condition. You might think of how bursting an existing pipe can repair an old one. It’s quite simple, actually. By bursting the existing but damaged pipeline, like, let’s say, a big crack on a certain section of a pipe, it instantly repairs the damage without having to dig and shovel that certain section of the line. To convince you more on why you should choose the pipe bursting method, here are 6 benefits of pipe bursting.

  1. Less Labour Demand

The pipe bursting repair method does not require any extensive digging. Since this is the case, there will be less labour needed when executing this method. There will be no huge machinery that requires a handful of people to operate and contractors won’t have to break backs digging all day long.

  1. Less Damage On Site

Subsequent to fixing the pipe, some technologies result in damage on the site. However, in pipe bursting method, there will only be less damage on the site which gives the contractors very little to none mess to clean up and only a few repairs are necessary. Less damage can also mean that pipe bursting doesn’t use toxic chemicals during the process which makes it safe for the pipelines and water supply.

  1. Cost-Effective

Since pipe bursting requires only a few hands to get the work done, and possibly no damage on the landscapes, sidewalks, and streets, you can minimise your expenses. There will be no landscape to restore, no sidewalk to rectify and certainly no need to buy machines for maintenance.

  1. Health-Safe

Excavation is risky, especially for your health. Elements such as asbestos and moulds make their homes in the grounds. So when there is digging up involved, there is a high possibility that you’ll be exposed to their toxic qualities. Pipe bursting is nothing like that at all since there is no digging required in this method.

  1. High Productivity

In pipe bursting, there is a higher chance of productivity during the process. Since you won’t have to spend more time on cleaning the place up and digging holes, you can get much more of the actual work done compared to the other methods.

  1. Pipe Flow Capacity Escalated

In pipe bursting method, there is an increase in the flow capacity of the pipes since you can either install a new set of pipes with the same size as that of the old one or you can install a much bigger size if you prefer it.