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6 Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

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The sewer lines might be screaming for help but some homeowners tend to ignore or disregard them due to the more conspicuous plumbing fixtures in their homes. The only time sewer lines are paid attention is far-reaching effects like sewer backups occur. Such drastic issues can impair your plumbing system or even result to health hazards due to the sewer waste. Take note of the following warning signs your clogged sewer lines might be screaming for:

  1. Troublesome Toilets

It is expected that your toilets would act up if your sewer lines are clogged. Remember that toilets are fixtures that are very near sewer lines so they will definitely clue you in during sewer line issues. Toilets that give off gurgling sounds and do not have an optimum flush distinctly indicate clogged sewer lines. Needless to say, such problems are not only caused by sewer clogs. There could be damaged parts in your toilets that may need some tweaking or replacement. It is better to ask your trusted plumber to assess your situation.

  1. Stinky Drains

Foul odour may emanate from your drain as a result of the congealed food residues that clogged it. But of course, you can distinguish it from the more appalling stench of sewage waste. Faulty sewer lines may not just remain clogged but may tend to back up to your home, carrying the horrifying sewage wastes. Have your professional plumber inspect your sewer lines immediately and have your system cleared and repaired.

  1. Several Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is one of the conventional issues homeowners deal with as a result of the build-up of various wastes such as grease, food, soap residue, etc. Such occurrence can be fixed by natural drain cleaners and plungers among many others. Although blocked drains are typical, you need to be mindful when there are several blocked drains in your home. This can be suspiciously caused by obstructed sewer lines.

  1. Pest Infestation

Another recognizable indication that your sewer line is defective is when there seem to be an increase or just a sudden manifestation of pests like cockroaches and rats, These pest are mostly attracted to the untreated sewage waste that might have leached.

  1. Bubbles in Bathroom Sinks

Homeowners should not remain complacent when bubbles form when bathroom sinks are flushed with water. This could potentially mean that your sewer lines are clogged since the trapped air from the sewer blockage will try to escape, hence, the bubbles.

  1. Numerous Plumbing Problems

You should be wary if you are dealing with several plumbing ills all at once. Such uncanny coincidences might be caused by a defective sewer line. Sewage backups, dysfunctional toilets, blocked drains and other notorious plumbing issues are potentially side effects of clogged sewer lines. Worst cases may include the breakdown of your entire plumbing system due to the whole stoppage of the sewer lines.

Do not just confine your plumbing vigilance and maintenance to the visible fixtures in your homes. Never forget your underground pipework which may send you some warning signs due to blockages and other defects. In case of sewer line problems, contact your professional plumber to revive your system back to its optimum condition.